06 Apr

Since the lockdown began we started live zoom classes for our Cobras. This has enabled them to continue with their gradings.

We just wanted to tell you how proud we are of the dedication and commitment you have shown during this hard time to martial arts. Character and effort are key principles of our team and you have all shown it in extraordinary amounts. Not only this but your families have been helping to and for this we are grateful and hope you all give them the thanks they deserve!

We have also started adding martial arts related work for you to complete at home and we cant wait to see the outcome and looking forward to decorating the center with them. These will help you with your gradings.

Hopefully we will be back to classes soon enough but we will be continuing to make improvements for you the entire time we are in lockdown. Don't forget to book on and continue taking part in our competitions!

Also a huge congratulations to Katie who even during this difficult time has shown so much commitment that she earned her assistant instructor badge 

See  you on Zoom and continue the good work team

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